Bail Bonds Guide

Immigration Bail Bond Process


Immigration has been a problem over the years. Folks in the ancient time associated immigration with poverty, diseases, water scarcity and pasture for cattle. Today, people are forced to leave their native countries and settle in others due to quite a number of reasons.


Some of the reasons are associated with economic constraints, political instability, professional related ambitions, racism, ethnicity, war among others. However, there are people who migrate into countries and do not follow the right procedures thus do it illegally behind the government awareness. These people become foreigners thus are not recognized by the state. Sometimes, these aliens may be a threat to a person, the society or the country in general.


It is for this reasons that the arrested immigrants are supposed to undergo the process referred to as an immigration bond refund process for them to be released. This process involves a sequence of interrogations that are basically carried out by the deportation officer. Afterwards, the standing judge determines the bail amount and the arrested immigrant is required to settle it through an outside party.


Usually, different countries operate on their own policies regarding the amount of bail bond an immigrant is required to pay. This means that the bail bond doesn't remain constant whatsoever. It is also crucial to point out that immigration bail bonds are settled by outside parties and not the immigrants themselves. These include family members, relatives and close acquaintances. However, if the situation becomes difficult and the bail can't be paid fully, the immigration bail bond company takes charge. For more facts and information regarding immigration bail bonds, you can go to


There are different ways of settling an immigration bail bond. The first process involves the outside party who as mentioned earlier could be a friend, relative or family member working with an immigration bond agent. The main objective behind working with this agent is to get a surety bond. However, working with a bond agent is not refundable. On most occasions, the bond agent charges 15-20% of the total amount which in this case is the immigration bonds.


On the other hand, the outside party may choose to settle the immigration bail bond on monetary terms. The bond agent accepts such payment in cash, cashier's check and sometimes money order. The bail bond which is paid fully by the detainee's outside party is refunded sometime later. Usually, refunding takes place after all case hearings. It is good to note that cash bond is directly paid to ICE.