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A Need-to Know Experience: Immigration Bail Bonds


Immigration bail bond is for people who committed an illegal immigration and been arrested by the INS or the Immigration and Naturalization Service with the issuance of Warrant of Arrest. Immigration bail bond is no difference with the other bail bonds - it has the same process. The person accused with the violation will appear in court to have the due process of law. The amount of the bond is for the purpose of security - this is to make sure that the defendant will appear in all the court processes. The alien would be considered for the bail bond only if eligible. The will also be released. With this, the bond will hold the alien by promising that no harm will happen to any property or any family member of the defendant. Also, this is to make sure the alien will also appear from the first court meeting until the end of the process.


A company's bail bondsman along with the form i-130 can post the immigration bond only after the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) determines that the alien is eligible. On the other hand, if you do not feel like posting the immigration bond in the Immigration and Naturalization Service or INS, then you can also post it to any private company. You just need to provide the name of the foreign, the registration number of the foreign and the name of the facility where the foreign is being held. These information are the common information required to every bail bonds. Also, do not forget the premium payment to be paid yearly to the bail agent.


The only difference of the Immigration Bond Release to the other bail bonds is that, the license needed in the immigration bail bond should be the a casualty license, not the usual license required by the other bail bonds. Also, in the event the foreign does not appear in the court when summoned, the bonds posted will be subjected to immediate forfeiture. A lot of times, language is always a problem in immigration bail bond processes. Immigration cases actually are the factors in collateral collecting processes.


You also need to remember that an immigration bail bond does not guarantee your stay in the country. Some cases also fail as some cases succeed. In some scenarios, foreigners are being deported from the country where they committed the immigration bail bond. If you want to learn more about immigration bail bonds, you can visit


You also need to take note that immigration bail bond have specific requirements to monitor and specific rules to follow - just like the other bail bonds. Make yourself familiar with all these for you to be safe in the process.